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Moving Out?

You can relocate your services anywhere in Australia. If you are moving and want to know if your new address qualifies for our services, use our Service Qualification Tool or call on 1300 677 852


Business Data & Voice Services

Symmetrical Download - Upload Speed Ratio! Managed Voice over IP Systems Available!


Super - Fast Download Speeds for the whole family

Starting at 12/1 Mbps!

Faster Speeds

Speeds of up to 100 Mbps make all forms of online activity seamless.

Phone Plans

Calling friends & family anywhere on the globe has become extremely cost effective. Starting from $9.95/m.

Available 7 days

Operating hours found here

Want Faster Internet?

Our plans deliver some of the fastest speeds in the country: over 10x faster than the broadband in the average Australian household. You can choose from a variety of speed plans that suit your usage needs ranging up to 100 Mbps. For more information on the services available in your region, use our Service Qualification Tool.

Average Australian Broadband Speed

Our High-Speed Broadband Network

Slow speeds?

Instead of telling you how fast our high-speed internet network is, we thought we’d show you. Just click on the button below to discover how fast your current connection is. You’ll be taken to a website that specifically tests your current internet speed.

Test Speed

Interested in switching over?

Based in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, we are constantly expanding our network across QLD and NSW with our partner suppliers OpenNetworks and LBNCo.

Sign up by filling this contract to join our high-speed internet network.

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Find out whether our high-speed data service can be accessed in your area. Complete this form or request a call back to get more information about getting connected today! You can also use our Service Qualification Tool.

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